DOPPS – BirdLife Slovenia is the largest non-governmental organization for nature protection in Slovenia. We work in the public interest for nature conservation, environmental protection, and research. In many activities we bring together more than 1000 members, volunteers and nature lovers throughout Slovenia and employ 30 experts from various fields. We work to protect birds and their habitats, thus contributing to the preservation of nature and the well-being of society.


Management of the Škocjanski zatok NR

With its wide range of brackish and freshwater habitats, Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve is a paradise for many animal and plant species and represents an oasis on the outskirts of the town of Koper.

Management of the Ormož Basins NR

The Ormož Basins Nature Reserve is the result of cooperation between industry and nature conservation. The former waste water management basins of the Ormož Sugar Factory have been transformed into a wetland of exceptional international importance for nature protection.

Management of the Iški morost NR

With the management of the Iški morost Nature Reserve south of Ljubljana, we are protecting rare wet meadows and their inhabitants.

Scientific research

Scientific and research work is the foundation of our association’s activities, and we ensure its implementation with professional ornithologists, as well as many volunteers and external collaborators.


Education is a very important activity of the association, which has a key role in acquiring knowledge and spreading an awareness of the importance of nature conservation and environmental protection in society.

Direct nature conservation actions

Every year, through direct nature conservation campaigns, we enable the nesting of rare and endangered bird species, such as Sand Martins, Common Terns and Barn Owls.