Together we collected funds to buy the forest, which will be returned to nature.

final goal



We are already intensively looking for suitable forest plot, that will benefit our forest specialist the most. When we find one and make the purchase, we will gladly let you know.


Within the “Guardians of the Natural Forests” project we are seeking the help of generous donors to raise funds for the purchase of a forest, which we will leave to develop naturally. In doing so we will be conserving forest specialists – those species that depend on old, natural forests, including many species of birds, whose populations have already been severely depleted.

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David Lindo (Guardian of the Red-breasted Flycatcher):

“It baffles me as to why we choose to destroy our wonderful forests for short term gain. Please help to preserve the bird-rich forests of Slovenia.” David Lindo, The Urban Birder – broadcaster, speaker & writer

David Rothenberg (Guardian of the Red-breasted Flycatcher):

“The red-breasted flycatcher, the Zwergschnäpper, small, elegant, looks like a robin but sings, simply, with understatement, clarity and grace. My kind of music. We have got to save them.” David Rothenberg, author of WHY BIRDS SING and NIGHTINGALES IN BERLIN, interspecies musician

Tinkara Fortuna (Guardian of the Black Stork):

“The black stork can raise her family only in peaceful, old forests. For her existence she badly needs this environment. Let’s help her! Let’s not leave her to remain wingless. ” Tinkara Fortuna, Slovenian singer

Adi Smolar (Guardian of the Tengmalm’s Owl):

“He’s an owl, a poor poor Tengmalm’s Owl! To preserve his living environment, he needs our help. Let’s do something for bird conservation! We need to work!” Adi Smolar, Slovenian singer, songwriter and composer

Lorella Flego (Guardian of the Tengmalm’s Owl):

“I am very lucky, as I have the opportunity to spend a really huge amount of time in the forest. Contact with nature is crucial to me, as it allows me to rediscover myself and stay grounded. I’m happy to support the Guardians of Natural Forests campaign and I am honored to be the Guardian of the Tengmalm’s Owl. I sincerely hope that together we can build a friendlier world for ourselves and for generations to come. ” Lorella Flego, Slovenian blogger & TV presenter

Marko Soršak Soki (Guardian of the White-backed Woodpecker):

“The White-backed Woodpecker needs large old trees on which it can drum. Where would I drum if I wouldn’t have drums?” Marko Soršak Soki, Slovenian drummer

Feri Lainšček (Guardian of the Black Stork):

“The Black Stork is a solitary, mysterious and rare species which is endangered in Slovenia as well. We only have forty, maybe fifty breeding pairs. As the Guardian of the Black Stork I’m attempting to help this species’ wellbeing in Slovenia, so that it may be more common.” Feri Lainšček, poet and writer

Žiga Gabrovec (Guardian of the Western Capercaillie):

“The song of the Western Capercaillie is reminiscent of opening a bottle of good wine, so I remember him every day in my bar. I wish there were more and I might hear him in the natural forest in the future.” Žiga Gabrovec, Head Chef of Žigola, MasterChef 2021 finalist






The funds collected with the help of all the donors will be used to purchase at least 10 hectares of forest, which will be returned to nature. We will choose the forest in an area that contributes the most to the preservation of forest specialists in Slovenia. We won’t be interfering in this forest, but we will leave it to evolve naturally, thus helping to preserve forest specialists. With this, we want to start increasing the share of natural forests, which are severely lacking in the official network of protected areas.